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Q-Consultation is a virtual meeting room plugin with video calling, instant messaging, and a wealth of management features, powered by QuickBlox SDKs and APIs.

Q-Consultation APIs

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Open Source Software to Support a Multitude of Video Consultation Use Cases

Healthcare QuickBlox


Connect healthcare providers & patients in a virtual clinic.

HR & Recruitment QuickBlox

HR & Recruitment

Hire talent remotely, anytime and anywhere.

Finance QuickBlox


Provide secure and private video consultations with clients for banking & finance

Social QuickBlox


Connect adults in intimate private video chat

E-Commerce QuickBlox


Guide buyers through transactions with personalized video calls

CRM QuickBlox


Provide real‑time support for customers with chat & video

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Why developers & product managers choose Q‑Consultation Lite

Plug & Play QuickBlox

Plug & Play

No need to build from scratch. Our source code is available to start using today.

Versatile QuickBlox


Host your application where you want and scale as you need.

Cost-Efficient QuickBlox


Don’t invest in expensive software when you can use our application for free.

Embeddable QuickBlox


Q‑Consultation Lite can be embedded into your existing software platform.

Encrypted & HIPAA Compliant QuickBlox

Encrypted & HIPAA Compliant

when used with the QuickBlox HIPAA Cloud.

free video conferencing api

What our Customers Say

Using Q‑Consultation we were able to set up a secure communication command center to monitor pediatric patients, in weeks not months, This software allows us to provide HIPAA compliant communication between doctors and patients regarding the health of their child.

Ross Sommers, MDFounder

firstday QuickBlox

I integrated Q‑Consultation into a Hospital's EHR system to provide real-time video communication for doctors working with patients in acute care. We were able to deploy the software in our cloud and deliver new functionality to create a better user experience.

Manish Verma,Former Development Lead

fountain-life QuickBlox

Feature‑Rich Solution

chat-features QuickBlox

Communication features

  • Real‑time Chat & Messaging
  • Video & audio calling
  • File sharing
  • Call recording
  • Camera Input selection
  • Customizable data capture forms
  • Private chat rooms
open source teleconsultation app source code
free video conferencing api
user-management QuickBlox

User management features

  • User authentication
  • Real‑time customer queue
  • Virtual waiting & meeting rooms
  • Customer and provider profiles
  • Invitation sharing by link & text
  • Capture user data, add, share, send notes, and share files
  • Appointment, message, and call history
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Customizable Open Source Software that can be integrated into your existing company website

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Customize the UI to reflect your company identity.

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Host in your own domain with your company brand.

modify QuickBlox

Modify text, data capture fields, language, icons, & action buttons.

The choices are limitless !

customizable-software QuickBlox

Offered with sample integration screens

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Create a seamless user experience by integrating our software into your existing company website

scalable QuickBlox

Open source code provided for ready‑to‑use integration screens


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